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Lunch Program

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Students have the option of purchasing lunch from Educational Catering, Inc. (ECI) or bringing lunch from home.  Occasionally, a child will come to school without his/her lunch.  If your child does not have a lunch, ECI will make sure the child is provided with a lunch.  The cost of the lunch will be charged to the parent's ECI account and should be repaid as soon as possible.

If purchasing through ECI, a full meal is required through 3rd grade.  A la carte items are available for 4th grade and above.  Carbonated beverages are not allowed in the cafeteria.  Every effort will be made to provide the lunch items you ordered for your child; however, we cannot guarantee that all items will be available.  Substitutions may be necessary.

ECI makes most of our biscuits, rolls, pizza and pie crusts, and baked goods by hand in the SEAS kitchen.  As much as possible, ECI cooks from scratch (the handmade chicken nuggets are very popular with the students!).  We want SEAS parents to know that their children are eating healthy, real food when they eat lunch from the school cafeteria!

Information for obtaining an ECI account is provided at Orientation.  Payments for ECI are made directly either online or via check (made payable to ECI).